A walk through the city of the Crusaders
Today, Acre is a very vibrant city, in the east is vain and colorful. This is especially noticeable in the narrow streets of the old city, in the bazaar and…

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Big family
Most of the current immigrants - as the immigrants call them in Israel - come either to close relatives who help them settle in a new place, or go through…

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Blink. Church of St. Mary Magdalene
Josephus calls the settlement Tarihei. It is Magdala or Migdal, most likely due to the presence in the settlement of a fortress-tower ("Migdal" in Hebrew - "tower"), in which there…

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Israel Attractions

Tomb of the Virgin (Jehoshaphatova Valley)
Christian Shrine Tomb of the Virgin
Empress Elena (mother of Emperor Constantine the First) built a church in 326, which was able to survive unchanged until the XI century. It was of great importance, since it was erected directly above the tomb of the Virgin. After a while, on the site of the ruins left from the church, the temple of the daughter of Baldwin II Melisenda began to rise. There she was buried. The Sixth Ecumenical Council decided to open the tomb. As a result of the work done, funeral sheets and a belt were found.

The temple itself is located underground. From the entrance there is a wide staircase made of stone, which has 48 steps. The church is built in the shape of a cross. Inside the building is a small chapel and the tomb of the Virgin.

The tomb chapel has two entrances. As a rule, pilgrims enter through one of them, and exit through the other. From the south there is a chapel, which is intended for people professing Islam. Those who venerate the Virgin Mary freely come here.

Regardless of whether the traveler decided what to visit in Israel or not, he should certainly come to the Jehoshaphat Valley to visit the site of the burial of the Virgin. It leaves a strong impression especially on those who sincerely imbued with the holiness of the underground church.

Temple of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives (Jerusalem)
Ascension Chapel on Mount of Olives
Imvomon, aka the Temple of the Ascension, was built on the spot where Jesus ascended. Three hundred years later, the Persians destroyed the temple. After some time, Patriarch Modest rebuilt the shrine, which has survived to this day.

The Ascension Chapel was built in the era of the Crusaders, and it has not changed its appearance for hundreds of years. The chapel has the appearance of a small octagonal building, covered by a dome.

In the floor of the chapel is an unusual stone, framed by a rectangular frame of marble. She is cut into a real rock. This landmark of Israel has a notch in the form of a print of a person’s left foot. The scriptures say that before there were two more feet. However, only one of them managed to be carved from the rock. She was later transferred to the El Aqsa Mosque.

Russian pilgrims did not miss the chance to see with their own eyes the stone, to which they gave the name of the Stop of the Savior. They took care of the relic, spoke about it with special trepidation.

Chamber of the Last Supper (Mount Zion, Jerusalem)
Chamber of the Last Supper
The Chamber of the Last Supper can be found in a Gothic building located on Mount Zion. Access is open, so everyone can see this attraction in Israel. The room is on the second floor. On the ground floor is the tomb of King David. The building itself was built in the XII century. According to the idea, it was supposed to fulfill the functions of the church.

In the 15th century, the church captured by the Turks was transformed into a mosque. At the same time, Gothic motifs that were used during the construction of the building were preserved.

The Chamber of the Last Supper is repeatedly mentioned in the scriptures. It follows from them that it was in this room that a supper was arranged for Jesus by his disciples. This story was loved by many creators who subsequently used it during the creation of copyright works.

This attraction will be especially interesting for those travelers who are attracted to biblical stories.

Bahai Gardens (Haifa)
Luxurious Bahai Gardens
Haifa has lush Bahai gardens. Increased attention to this attraction of Israel was given by the UNESCO office. It became the first memorial of religious significance in modern history. Bahai Gardens do not need advertising. To admire their beauty, you need to personally visit these places.

For a long time there was a development of gardens. According to the project, they were supposed to occupy the territory along the slope of Mount Carmel. To implement this creative idea instructed the Iranian architect. As a result of the work done, a unique garden was built, which has 19 separate terraces. Of these, nine terraces go from the top to the tomb, and another nine terraces are located on the way from the tomb to the foot of the majestic mountain. The last terrace, which is central, is located next to the mausoleum.

Bahai Gardens can be accessed in three different ways. At the top entrance are the most beautiful viewing terraces. From here free tours usually begin, introducing tourists to an Israeli attraction. The middle entrance was made at the location of the temple, and the lower one will be found right at the foot. Travelers have the right to decide for themselves where to start a tour of the gardens from.

Mount of Olives (Jerusalem)
Elongated Mount of Olives with Three Peaks
The Mount of Olives, often called the Mount of Olives, separates the Judean Desert and the Old City. Such an unusual name was given to the mountain, thanks to the many olive trees that once grew on its slopes.

A walk through the city of the Crusaders
Today, Acre is a very vibrant city, in the east is vain and colorful. This is especially noticeable in the narrow streets of the old city, in the bazaar and…


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