What to see in Israel first
Israel is a sunny country, in which I want to return again and again. This place is shrouded in a pleasant and mysterious atmosphere. Tourists who come here for the…

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What to see in Israel first

Israel is a sunny country, in which I want to return again and again. This place is shrouded in a pleasant and mysterious atmosphere. Tourists who come here for the first time should sign up for interesting excursions, thanks to which they can see the memorable sights of Israel. Not sure what to see in Israel? Especially for you, we have compiled a list of popular attractions of this country. Read about them and be sure to include these places in your travel program for Israel.

What to see in Israel first
Despite the small size of the country, there are more than enough interesting places, and guides in Israel will help you navigate them. Their help will be invaluable both at the stage of route planning and in solving organizational nuances. Travelers without a guide should know in advance whether it will be possible to see the attractions that they liked according to the descriptions on the arrival dates.

1. Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Jerusalem city)
Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem
The Church of the Holy Sepulcher preserves a history that spans several centuries. The church itself was built on the spot where, according to legend, the body of Jesus Christ was buried. Here he was resurrected. The temple for a long time changed its design. Now it is in a modern version. The church was constantly being destroyed. However, people continued to rebuild it over and over again.

The temple is considered the main shrine in Israel, so every traveler who has come to Jerusalem should see it. This place is shared by six denominations of the church, professing Christianity. On the territory of the temple there are operating monasteries, supplemented by auxiliary facilities. Tourists are also given the opportunity to familiarize themselves in detail with local galleries and other buildings that display the history of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Travelers who want to see the best sights of Israel should visit the church at least in order to see with their own eyes the stone of the Anointing. It was on him that Jesus lay. Next to this place is the tomb of the son of God and the chapel, erected in honor of Queen Helen, who found the cross for the crucifixion of Christ.

2. The Wailing Wall (Jerusalem)
Wailing Wall on Temple Hill
The Jews consider the Wailing Wall the most important shrine of Jerusalem. Therefore, it is among the places that are the answer to the question of what to visit in Israel. According to assumptions, it was erected in 37 BC. For a long time, the Wall was a defensive structure. But gradually it turned into a place where the Jewish people came to grieve. By that time, the shrine was partially destroyed.

Interestingly, the Wailing Wall became a shrine at a time when only ruins remained of it. She became the embodiment of the past, present and future of the people. For many Jews, this memo represents the hope that once all troubles and hardships will come to an end.

With the Wailing Wall, where guides lead tourists during an excursion in Jerusalem, many traditions are connected. People come to the ruins of shrines not only for prayers. Many leave small notes in the crevices in which the most cherished dream is written. So people try to convey their requests to higher powers.

A feature of this attraction of Israel is its accessibility absolutely for any person, regardless of faith and race. The main thing is that while visiting the Kotel, his body and head are covered with clothes.

3. Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem)
The oldest mosque Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount
The Jewish people attach great importance to the Temple Mount, on which the Dome of the Rock is located. In this place, according to old legends and tales, Abraham had to give his son Isaac. Here, a sanctuary was rebuilt in the form of a temple with an Ark. The Temple Mount was the point from which the great Way of the Cross began.

After the destruction of the temple, which occurred 40 years after its creation, two mosques were erected on this site. One of them was the Dome of the Rock. Many consider this mosque to be a visiting card of a tourist country. Guides in Jerusalem often invite travelers to visit these places. And they willingly agree, even considering the fact that the mosque has not been functioning for a long time. The attraction is amazing with its grandiose golden domes. Each of them in diameter reaches about 20 meters. Due to this, they are visible from almost anywhere in the city. The people have long been walking an interesting legend. It said that the Dome of the Rock is the true center of the universe. No one was able to confirm this theory, but a rebuttal to it has not been found to this day.

4. Beit Guvrin Caves (Maresha)
Beit Guvrin Cave World
If tourists don’t know what to visit in Israel, then they should definitely go see Beit Guvrin Caves. They are part of the reserve.

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