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Excursion from Sharm El Sheikh to Israel

Group bus excursion from Sharm El Sheikh to Israel, Palestine and the Dead Sea. Details of the tour, useful tips, crossing the Egypt-Israel border, security measures at the Dead Sea.

Tours in Sharm El Sheikh are very popular due to the Red Sea and the opportunity to relax on an all-inclusive basis. But for us personally, the choice fell in the direction of Sharm because of the opportunity to make an excursion to Israel.

A huge number of travel agencies offer excursions from Sharm to Israel: from tour operators (teztur, aneks, Pegasus, etc.) to local ones on the beach. Prices are different for everyone (from $ 60 and above). It all depends on how you know how to bargain. The excursion program, as a rule, is the same for everyone. Can be taken for 1 or 2 days. Days of excursions to Israel: Monday, Thursday, Saturday.

To begin with, we explain an important point. One travel agency takes you to the Egyptian border, and then after passing the border, an Israeli travel agency takes all tourists from different buses. Those. after the border, all tourists from Egyptian travel agencies mix up and travel in different buses. And upon arrival in Taba (Egyptian border) – they again board their bus and wait until they collect all the other tourists.

The excursion begins with the fact that you will be taken from the hotel around 19.00, taken to Taba (border with Israel). All tourists are landed from several buses to cross the border. And a huge queue forms (we stood 4 hours). A very serious and strict search, they can even arrange an interrogation. Be sure to bring a voucher with you to your hotel in Egypt and airline tickets (I was asked to present). Stock up on food and water. There are decent toilets on the Israeli border (unlike the Egyptian border). There are also taps with drinking water. Keep in mind nights are cool (if it’s not summer) – take warm clothes.

If you have been in Israel since Friday evening and Saturday, you are in luck. The main rule of the Israelites on Saturdays is not to work (Shabbat). Required to visit the Kotel. Who prays, who sings, but the local army (girls with machine guns) both dance and sing, leading round dances with everyone. Unfortunately, we couldn’t shoot them, because It is forbidden to take pictures during the holiday.

Useful tips for the excursion from Sharm El Sheikh to Israel:

– If you bought a tour on the street (not through a tour operator), then you will not have a guide almost until Jerusalem. It is also worth noting that only lunch will be included in nutrition.

– The guide will bring you to expensive stores (on the Dead Sea, in Palestine, in Jerusalem). Right next to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher there is a market where the same wax candles can be bought 4 times cheaper. Guides will rush you on purpose so that you don’t have any thoughts of buying something on the side.

– Also, we do not recommend buying shirts for baptism directly on the bus in the Jordan River, they are several times cheaper in place and the quality is not worse. Or buy a long white shirt at the market in Sharm and take it with you on a tour

– The excursion to Jerusalem is quick, time is extremely short and it is very difficult to feel the city. It is better of course to take a tour for 2 days.

– To visit the Dead Sea, bring a swimsuit, a towel and a shower gel or soap (you can’t wash off the Dead Sea salt with water). There are locker rooms, showers and toilets on the beach.
Security measures at the Dead Sea.

– If you have open wounds – do not swim in the Dead Sea (otherwise you will get unforgettable pain sensations).
– Take care of your eyes. The water in the Dead Sea is extremely salty and even a simple rubbing of the eyes with wet hands can end in failure. Beware of the spray.
– Dead Sea water should not fall on the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, or mouth.
– After bathing, wash your body and hair thoroughly from salt water.
– Bathe only in designated areas.
– Swim carefully. Water pushes, and sometimes flips. Arms and legs can be spread apart for balance on the water.
– You can’t swim for more than 20 minutes.
– It is undesirable to enter the sea with decorations – they can deteriorate.
– 6 sips of water from the Dead Sea – a lethal dose for humans.
A group excursion from Sharm el-Sheikh to Israel is quite complicated and lengthy. More suitable for the definition of “galloping across Europe.” Especially if it is for one day, but in fact – 1.5 days without normal sleep. Nevertheless, if you really want to visit the Holy Land of Jerusalem on a budget, you can try.

Excursion from Sharm El Sheikh to Israel
Group bus excursion from Sharm El Sheikh to Israel, Palestine and the Dead Sea. Details of the tour, useful tips, crossing the Egypt-Israel border, security measures at the Dead Sea.…


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