Usually saying "Jerusalem" they imagine a city-museum in which almost every stone is a historical monument. However, not only that attracts tourists today. In the city - an incredible number…

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Jerusalem. Yad Vashem Memorial
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Tel Aviv – Jaffa

Kilometers of sandy beaches, the golden coast, on which the waves of the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea gently roll. Daily catch at the fishing port, open-air cafe on green glades and noisy streets.

From dawn to dawn on the Mediterranean coast, in countless restaurants, clubs, pubs, entertainment venues, life is in full swing.

There is no other city that represents modern Israel better than Tel Aviv, along with ancient Jaffa, where the biblical Jonah emerged victorious in the battle with the whale.

The magic of the Mediterranean

Colored umbrellas dot the golden sand washed by the sea, and the rainbow is reflected in clear blue water. Windsurfing glides past proud yachts and sports boats; fishermen dexterously pull out nets, and amateur fishermen cast fishing rods from piers and breakwaters; pleasure boats cruise along the coast and powerful motor boats carry water skiers with them. The Mediterranean is Tel Aviv.

Every day, from early spring to late autumn, it is drunk here with the sun, and even when European countries are covered in snow, many who wish to soak up the sun gather on Mediterranean beaches on a warm winter day. From Herzliya to Bat Yam, wherever you are in the Tel Aviv area, the sea will always be at hand. Herzliya, located a 15-minute drive north of Tel Aviv, boasts new luxury seaside hotels. Bat Yam in the south is famous for its beaches, family and resort hotels. Just a few steps from most hotels and a few minutes from city centers on sparkling beaches and elegant embankments, life boils from morning to evening in all its diversity. During the day, sport reigns here at sea and on land, with the onset of darkness, the baton is transferred to public concerts and other entertainment. Another nice opportunity is to simply walk along the promenade or sit in the many cafes and restaurants.

Vibrant and vibrant

Tel Aviv is a city that perfectly coexists with its many-sidedness, personifying all the changes and the present day of the country. At the same time, it is the center of Israeli culture, entertainment and trade. Tel Aviv is not only the center of finance, fashion, industry and trade in Israel, but, in addition, it has a large number of cafes and restaurants per square meter of sidewalk than you can imagine, and clubs open until dawn. It is convenient to walk around the city, despite the hustle and bustle, and its considerable size does not detract from the resort advantages, and even those who come to Tel Aviv on business can afford the luxury of “relaxing.”

Among the various types of recreation and entertainment, Tel Aviv offers a variety of opportunities for sports – from tennis to trampoline – as well as entertainment for all ages in city parks. Well-equipped sports centers await adherents of good physical shape both in hotels and throughout the city, and golf enthusiasts will be happy to take an uncomplicated 45-minute drive north along the coast to make a couple of precise shots at the impeccable golf course in Caesarea, a city located among the monuments of ancient culture.

The youngest and oldest in Israel

The city is only about 100 years old or at least 5,000 – it all depends on the angle of view. Tel Aviv emerged as a green suburb of ancient Jaffa at the beginning of this century. This process has left us a distinctive architectural style of the Bauhaus school and musical traditions that the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, which has united several small orchestras, preserves, as well as a commitment to art, which is expressed in many museums and galleries and an abundance of sculptures on city streets. Every day there is a poster for dance programs, stage performances and concerts – from classical to modernist in numerous theaters and auditoriums of the city. As already mentioned, Tel Aviv has many museums. The most interesting of them are: Beit Ha-Tfutsot – a museum of the Jewish diaspora, Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Eretz Yisrael Museum, exhibiting archaeological finds of the Philistine period.

Where to buy

Tel Aviv is an amazing fusion of Western sophisticated T and Middle Eastern culture – open markets are as much an integral part of the urban look as luxury shopping centers. A foreign tourist who takes out a credit card to pay for a purchase at a company store does not realize that he can sometimes buy the same thing at a flea market in Jaffa for pennies.

Taste of Antiquity

It was from the ancient port of Jaffa that the biblical Jonah set off on a journey, then falling into the belly of a whale; here, according to Greek myth, Perseus met with Medusa face to face. Until today, Andromeda stones guard the entrance to Jaffa Bay.

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