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Galilee – ancient and young

The diversity and contrasts of Israeli landscapes are especially evident in the famous Galilee.

… In the legendary waters of the Jordan River and the Sea of ​​Galilee – the origins of the events of biblical history.

… In historical and religious centers, from Safed to Nazareth, from Tiberias to Acre and Capernaum.

… In the picturesque corners of nature reserves with mountain waterfalls, swamps, bird nests and exotic wildlife.

… In majestic archaeological sites – from the Roman city of Beit Shean and luxurious baths in Hamat Gadera to many charming ancient mosaics and the Crusader fortress, located on a hilltop.

… In the chess cells of kibbutz fields stretching from the Jezreel Valley to the northern border and from the Mediterranean Sea to Lake Genisaret.

Galilee is beautiful at any time of the year for any travel, whether it is a cultural or religious program, a tourist or spa vacation, a backpack trip or a car trip.

Green and majestic

Mountain streams, dropping from the hills of Upper Galilee, merge with the legendary Jordan River. The winding Jordan originating at these heights turns south, and at a mark of 222 meters below sea level flows into the famous Lake Genisaret. Galilee, its silvery olive groves, emerald swamp grasses and reeds, well-groomed fields and gardens, is generously drunk with these waters. Even during the long, dry summer, Galileo retains her magnificent outfit, dressing in marvelous combinations of yellow, green, brown and blue.

Blue and magic

Geographically, the Galilee extends from the Jezreel Valley (Lower Galilee) in the south to Metula in the north (Upper Galilee) From the Mediterranean coast, including Acre, Nagariya and grottoes in Rosh HaNikra (Eastern Galilee) to the east coast of Lake Genisaret. On its western shore is Tiberias – the capital of Galilee. This magical city is filled with all the aromas of these places and offers its guests a lot of opportunities for relaxation, travel and entertainment.

Pilgrimage and cultural program

For many people, the word Galileo alone symbolizes the innermost sources of faith. Christian pilgrims of all faiths reverently rush to those places that are associated with the beginning of the Messianic ministry of Christ: Nazareth, where the Annunciation and the childhood of Christ passed; Kana, Tabgha and Kursi, where Jesus performed his miracles; Mount of Beatitudes and Mount Tabor, on which the Transfiguration took place, the ruins of the ancient synagogue in Capernaum, where, according to tradition, Christ preached. And, of course, the Jordan River – perhaps not as “deep and wide” as in songs and imagination, but full of life along its entire length. At the southern end of Lake Genisaret, where the Jordan ends, there is a place of Epiphany – Yardenit. Here, among the trees, carefully shading the river with their branches, there is a sloping cobbled descent, along which it is easy and convenient to go down to the water at any time, even in wheelchairs. Convenient handrails will secure descent even during full tides. Tiberias and Safed were centers for the preservation and study of Judaism. Jewish pilgrims, some hoping for a miracle and blessing, come to the graves of the righteous Maimonides, Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Meir Baal Ha-Nes in Tiberias. Safed is the center of Jewish mystical teachings – Kabbalah. There are still synagogues, founded in the 1500s by the first interpreters of Kabbalah.

Galilee is replete with mosques of different periods; the most beautiful, in the city of Acre, was built by the Turkish sultan El Yazzar. Christian, Jewish and Islamic sites associated with archaeological excavations of world significance leave an incomparable impression, regardless of differences in faith,

Art and Archeology

Monuments of archeology, which literally “crammed” Galileo – one of the most significant and beautiful in Israel. Some of them testify to the times of early Christianity, for example, Kursi, Capernaum and the Crusader fortress. Some, such as Hatzor, are remnants of 17th century BC, while Beit Alpha testifies to the improvement of the construction of synagogues and their decorations, represented by magnificent mosaics. Other monuments embody the luxury of the Roman Empire. These are Roman baths in Hamat Gadera, a unique mosaic in Zippori and recent excavations of the ancient city in Beit Shean. The past is alive here, and tourists can plunge into it themselves, having worked on ongoing archaeological excavations. The famous village of artists and performers in Safed thrives side by side with the ancient Kabbalist synagogues. It is not surprising that the theme of mysticism is often traced in the works of artists.

Rest, nature and mineral springs

Perhaps the best proof of the popularity of Galilee is the fact that Israelis love to visit it, seeking to escape to the bosom of nature from the bustle of the city. They go to the picturesque corners of Galilee on weekends and even spend their annual vacation here. As is customary now throughout the world, Israelis stop at campsites.

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