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Israel Entry Rules: Tips & Warnings

Israel belongs to the category of visa-free countries not only for Russians, but also for citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. At the moment, it is the last two countries that “lead” in the number of deported citizens.

Rules for Entering Israel
General entry rules are as follows:

the period of stay in the country may not exceed 90 days;
the validity of the passport must be at least 6 months at the end of the trip
everyone entering must have insurance and a return ticket or a ticket to a third country. Instead of a ticket, you can provide tickets for sea vessels / cruise bookings / discharge from the ship role of a private sea vessel.
The number of refusals to enter Israel is increasing
The number of refusals to enter Israel | ArtWell | Shutterstock

If a foreigner plans to leave Israel through land borders, i.e. to Jordan or Egypt, as a confirmation of your intentions to leave the country on time, you can show your reservation in an Egyptian or Jordanian hotel and / or return tickets from these countries.

In addition, each foreigner must have a sufficient amount of funds to stay in the country and proof of residence (hotel reservation or invitation from friends or relatives). In the case of a trip to treatment – an invitation from a medical institution. In case of participation in any educational, cultural or sporting events – an invitation from the organizers.

What to say and what not to say on the border with Israel
It would seem that the rules are simple and understandable, and if there are all the required documents, there should be no problems crossing the border, however, in practice, tourists who pass through passport control are often sent for additional checks, or even refuse to enter, deported from the country.

What are the reasons for this attitude and how to avoid it? First of all, the employees of the migration service pay attention to the conformity of the stated goals of the stay and the available documents.

The foreigner says that he is flying on vacation, and the date of the return flight from him in three months, this will immediately cause suspicion, because rarely anyone is given such long holidays.

A foreigner flies for a long time to visit relatives or friends. But at the same time, he cannot clearly state the address of the stay and / or the names of friends / relatives. Or, when crossing the border, a tourist declares that the purpose of the visit is to help with the housework or take care of a child or a sick / elderly relative.

Suspicions are also raised by young women following with male friends living in Israel. The length of stay is not important – at least three days, at least three months. Moreover, if the tourists are calling clothes and make-up or they do not have money, declaring that the host party will bear all the costs.

No less suspicious are groups of working-class men (as a rule, this applies to those arriving from Georgia) with reservations made in the same hotel through

The first thought that a migration officer will flash in all of these cases: “Most likely, these people want to work illegally, or (in the case of women) try to get married in order to stay in the country.”

In all these cases, measures must be taken in advance to avoid denial of entry:

To confirm the stay, provide hotel reservations or an apartment rental agreement, indicating that the deposit has been paid in advance or has been paid in full. Reservations with are not to be used at all.
When traveling with friends or relatives – memorize addresses and phone numbers. It is advisable that a foreigner is met at the airport. Lack of money is possible only on condition that the foreigner goes to parents or children, i.e. to the closest relatives. In any other cases, financial resources for staying in the country should be mandatory, even if the inviting party agrees to assume all expenses.
Pay attention to appearance, especially for young women. Defiantly short shorts and dresses with a deep neckline are better to change to more modest clothes, and at the same time – forget about “combat makeup” for a while.
When passing through passport control, answer questions briefly, without additional details and clarifications. In no case should there be answers that can be interpreted in two ways. For example, if you have a reservation at the hotel, you should not say that you are going to friends; and in the case of a trip to relatives, in no case do you need to mention that you will help in caring for children or elderly family members.
Particular attention should be paid to those who travel to Israel at the invitation of relatives / friends who undergo a naturalization (citizenship) procedure in Israel. This procedure is for foreigners who have married Israeli citizens. The fact is that naturalization involves a number of stages, the first of which is the receipt by the applicant of a work visa, which allows him to stay in the country for more than 3 months and work. However, holders of work visas cannot invite friends or relatives to the country.

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