Israel Attractions

How to swim in several seas at once
Israel for tourism is a unique country. Firstly, the Red Sea resort of Eilat is good for relaxing all year round; secondly, it is possible to combine the pleasant (that…

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Holy places of the Sea of Galilee
The Sea of ​​Galilee is Israel's largest lake. Perhaps on a global scale it is not so great, but given its importance for the country, the Israelis call it the…

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Blink. Church of St. Mary Magdalene
Josephus calls the settlement Tarihei. It is Magdala or Migdal, most likely due to the presence in the settlement of a fortress-tower ("Migdal" in Hebrew - "tower"), in which there…

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Travel to holy places

Late in the evening, a scheduled bus drove up to the Sheremetyevo-2 Airport sparkling with thousands of lights. I have not been here for a long time, and the changes immediately caught my eye. The appearance of passengers has especially changed. Previously, smug business travelers, timid tourists, and exhausted departing emigrants predominated. Now the bulk were “shuttles”, who occupied all conceivable places for rest with their huge bags, and impudent vacationers traveling with the whole family — they began relaxation even before the border control, where, by the way, the pretty soldiers were replaced by pretty girls. Continue reading

Israel (and vicinity)

You can fly there for less than $ 400. A charter to Cyprus is about 200. The ferry Limassol – Haifa – $ 60. Prices, respectively, round-trip. In winter, charters need to be sought both in St. Petersburg and in Kiev, somewhere, yes there are. Nevertheless, if you fly even in the winter with Aeroflot, then: from November 1, a winter discount of about 20% is valid. And in general there are all sorts of Pecs, apexes, youngsters, in a word, in $ 400, you can get everything done.

By the way, in November there are still full buzz in terms of climate, and in terms of prices, say, in Cyprus, too. It should be borne in mind that the ferry from Limassol goes only once a week, and most likely you will have to turn around somewhere in Cyprus for a few days, which in itself is a great pleasure. At this time of the year you can easily find an overnight stay for $ 5 from the bow (in the private sector), and if there isn’t even this money, sleep on the beach on trestle beds, it’s easy there. Imagine the dawn over the Mediterranean! Continue reading

Tel Aviv – Jaffa

Kilometers of sandy beaches, the golden coast, on which the waves of the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea gently roll. Daily catch at the fishing port, open-air cafe on green glades and noisy streets.

From dawn to dawn on the Mediterranean coast, in countless restaurants, clubs, pubs, entertainment venues, life is in full swing.

There is no other city that represents modern Israel better than Tel Aviv, along with ancient Jaffa, where the biblical Jonah emerged victorious in the battle with the whale.

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Israel – Holy Land

Land of Israel. The holy land is something exciting. Here are snow-capped mountain peaks, and hot tropical valleys, chocolate hills and bright, sparkling lakes. All this creates a unique atmosphere for religious ideas and the spiritual existence of man. But the main thing is that it was this land that produced and shaped the leading religious ideas and aspirations. It was here that the human person rose to the highest peaks of faith.

This land tells us about events that it has witnessed for centuries, and whose heritage determines our present and future and gives us the foundation of faith in the eternity and unwaveringness of our spirituality. Continue reading

Galilee – ancient and young

The diversity and contrasts of Israeli landscapes are especially evident in the famous Galilee.

… In the legendary waters of the Jordan River and the Sea of ​​Galilee – the origins of the events of biblical history.

… In historical and religious centers, from Safed to Nazareth, from Tiberias to Acre and Capernaum.

… In the picturesque corners of nature reserves with mountain waterfalls, swamps, bird nests and exotic wildlife.

… In majestic archaeological sites – from the Roman city of Beit Shean and luxurious baths in Hamat Gadera to many charming ancient mosaics and the Crusader fortress, located on a hilltop. Continue reading

Haifa. Love and harmony
The city of Haifa, spread out on the slopes of Mount Carmel, is very interestingly arranged - in several tiers. The lower city by the sea and the port, by…


Big family
Most of the current immigrants - as the immigrants call them in Israel - come either to close relatives who help them settle in a new place, or go through…


Jerusalem. Via Dolorosa and Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Billion nine hundred million ... So many people on our planet believe in Christ. The dream of the vast majority of Christians is the desire to visit the places where…


Israel is an alien and so dear!
For most of the year, people living in Russia dream or plan their trip to the sea. And where is it all year round, at least warm, and often just…