Israel Attractions

Caesarea - the city that Herod built
We were about to meet Caesarea, an ancient port built by King Herod and now located about 40 km from Tel Aviv. As soon as you enter the territory of…

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Blink. Church of St. Mary Magdalene
Josephus calls the settlement Tarihei. It is Magdala or Migdal, most likely due to the presence in the settlement of a fortress-tower ("Migdal" in Hebrew - "tower"), in which there…

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Holy places of the Sea of Galilee
The Sea of ​​Galilee is Israel's largest lake. Perhaps on a global scale it is not so great, but given its importance for the country, the Israelis call it the…

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Stones are lying, water is flowing

It is strange that one can just fly to Israel like this. It’s the same as if tickets to Eden were sold at the box office of the Belorussky station.

Although the one who has already been to the Middle East or at least to our own South, Israel is not impressive in the first minutes: well – in Tunisia we saw an Arab bazaar and abruptly; the brown marl under the feet is also familiar – according to Koktebel; exactly the same man-made garden-terraces with olive trees on the slopes of the mountains can be found in Greece; The Red Sea from the opposite, Egyptian side, will be more transparent than in Eilat, Tel Aviv does not make an impression after Abu Dhabi. No “Turkish delight” for you, no “Thousand and one nights” … A connoisseur of spicy oriental exoticism is too clean, decorous and expensive, although the prim European Eurocentr, on the contrary, is too homely and in a southern provincial (well, what’s it this, in fact, is a waiter in a hotel restaurant for the second time himself, without an invitation, shaking hands …) Continue reading

Eilat – from the point of view of a woman

Winter is already at hand, but I still want to lie on the beach under the gentle southern sun. Where then to go? If for you, King Solomon and Queen of Sheba are authorities, then here is a piece of advice for you: go to Eilat. Ever since ancient times, this oasis in the desert on the Red Sea coast is considered in every sense the royal place for relaxation. And today tourists from all over the world easily go there. Gradient Travel Agency sends Russian travelers to Eilat.

Nature fashioned at the northern end of the Red Sea, at the southernmost point of Israel, an oasis of exceptional beauty: mountains painted in purple tones, dazzling white sands of beaches, turquoise sea … And – the sun, which has received an eternal residence here: the average maximum temperature in Eilat – from + 21C in January to + 39C in July. At the same time, there is practically no rain. According to long-term observations of weather forecasters, on the coast of the Gulf of Eilat the sky remains cloudless 359 days a year. And the warm deep-water currents contribute to the fact that the water in the sea is like fresh milk, and this is already all year round. Continue reading

Red Sea, beautiful Eilat

And yet it came, the day of departure to Moscow! But I really wanted to stay in Eilat, even for at least a week.

The first minutes after arriving at this Israeli resort are somewhat reminiscent of a contrast shower: cold – hot, cold – hot. Cold (relatively cool cabin of the airbus) – hot (heated air of the runway) – cold (air-conditioned interior of a comfortable bus) – hot (short run from the bus step to the hotel door) – cold (phew, again – air conditioning, cool …).

The pianist in the lobby rapturously raises “Black Eyes” and “Kalinka.” Yes, thoroughly prepared for the arrival of guests from Russia in Eilat. And they decided to show our group, composed of Moscow journalists and employees of the travel agency “INTERGARANT”, as they say, “goods face.” Continue reading

How to swim in several seas at once

Israel for tourism is a unique country. Firstly, the Red Sea resort of Eilat is good for relaxing all year round; secondly, it is possible to combine the pleasant (that is, relaxation) with the useful, namely with excursions to the holy places of Israel. If we add to the first two points the possibility of healing the body weary of life on the coast of the Dead Sea, it becomes clear that this is where the Russians need to go. Importantly, it takes only four hours to fly to the country. Russian tourists are especially pleased with the presence of Russian-speaking staff in many hotels.

Most often, tourists who choose Israel as their vacation destination are offered holidays in Eilat. The company Ophir Tours has developed for its customers an unconventional version of a trip around the country called Four Seas. Continue reading

Want to take a walk in Israel? Be truthful and sincere

The consular service of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Russia is the very place that no person can get around who decides to go to this country for one or another need. Here, of course, it is always crowded, bustling, noisy. And because of that – a little stupid. The first time you get here you need to overcome confusion, get together, group, concentrate before starting your own business. Apparently, understanding the feelings of “clients,” the consular department adviser Yitzchak KARMEL-KAGAN began a conversation with the i correspondent from complaining about cramped working conditions. Say, you yourself see how difficult it is for us to serve everyone, to deliver information on innovations to our clients on time (see “i” b 35 (194), p. 15).

– Even when such a procedure as, say, issuing visas or issuing invitations changes in the direction of relief, people take this with caution. Precisely because they were not notified in advance. Continue reading

Eilat - from the point of view of a woman
Winter is already at hand, but I still want to lie on the beach under the gentle southern sun. Where then to go? If for you, King Solomon and Queen…


Franciscan Order in the Holy Land
But only the Order of the Franciscans earned the right to be called the Keepers of the Holy Land, and its founder, Francis of Assisi, wore the stigmata from the…


From the desert - with love
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Travel to holy places
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