Israel Attractions

Under the Star of Bethlehem - Silence
When our small group arrived at a hotel in Jerusalem, we were unpleasantly surprised by the silence in the lobby. Before giving us electronic cards, which act as room keys,…

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Travel to holy places
Late in the evening, a scheduled bus drove up to the Sheremetyevo-2 Airport sparkling with thousands of lights. I have not been here for a long time, and the changes…

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Want to take a walk in Israel? Be truthful and sincere
The consular service of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Russia is the very place that no person can get around who decides to go to this country…

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Christian places Capernaum and Tabgha

One of the most important place for the Christian world in the Sea of ​​Galilee is the city of Capernaum. He is mentioned in the New Testament as the birthplace of the apostles Peter, Andrew, John and James. This city is very ancient, archaeologists are constantly working here. Some of the ancient finds are kept in many museums around the world.

Jesus came to Capernaum after leaving Nazareth. And the city became the center of the preaching work of Christ, here he performed many of his miracles: healed the mother-in-law of Peter lying in a fever, healed and called for the apostolic ministry of Matthew, healed the servant of the Roman centurion who was at death, who built a synagogue for the Jews. But despite all this, only a few believed in Jesus’ preaching. The inhabitants of Capernaum drove him out of the synagogue. For this, the city was cursed and likened to Sodom. Continue reading


Usually saying “Jerusalem” they imagine a city-museum in which almost every stone is a historical monument. However, not only that attracts tourists today. In the city – an incredible number of exhibition halls, museums and galleries of modern art.

The huge Israel Museum, which opened after reconstruction in July this year, is located on an area of ​​eight hectares. There is nothing from the boredom of a frozen story. In art galleries concerts and theater performances are held, so even if you are not a lover of fine art, but just came to listen to music, it is impossible to ignore the interiors. And on weekends in the museum are “silent” discos. They give out wireless headphones to everyone who comes in – and it begins: the DJ sets the music to which everyone dances, admiring the light projections on the walls of the museum. Continue reading

City of the world: Jerusalem

Translated from Hebrew, Jerusalem – “city of peace.” Here are five more reasons to come to Jerusalem.

What I like about the Israelis is thoroughness. Some will call it meticulous and, in general, will be right. El Al, which is considered the safest in the world, confirms its reputation from the first minutes of acquaintance.

“For security reasons, we will ask you some questions,” the representative of the airline, Dima, smiles warmly.

And it begins: “To whom are you flying? Do you have relatives in Israel? Continue reading

Israel Entry Rules: Tips & Warnings

Israel belongs to the category of visa-free countries not only for Russians, but also for citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. At the moment, it is the last two countries that “lead” in the number of deported citizens.

Rules for Entering Israel
General entry rules are as follows:

the period of stay in the country may not exceed 90 days;
the validity of the passport must be at least 6 months at the end of the trip
everyone entering must have insurance and a return ticket or a ticket to a third country. Instead of a ticket, you can provide tickets for sea vessels / cruise bookings / discharge from the ship role of a private sea vessel. Continue reading

Israel is an alien and so dear!

For most of the year, people living in Russia dream or plan their trip to the sea. And where is it all year round, at least warm, and often just hot, and even a few seas to choose from? That’s right, in Israel! In my opinion, the ideal time to visit this country is October. Most often, we have already gone Indian summer, and it begins to rain, or even freeze, and there is comfortable warm weather and ideal water for swimming!

So you have a week. What to include in the route, and how to catch time on the sea and touch the incredible historical heritage? I’ll tell you about my recent trip, where I just managed to combine all of the above. Continue reading

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Haifa: welcome to God's vineyards
How rapidly the landscape outside the bus window is changing - the Negev desert dotted with "moon craters", the hills and valleys of the Galilee, Mediterranean beaches, caves, gorges, serpentines…


Tens of millions of years ago, a unique geological phenomenon occurred in nature, as a result of which the earth's crust unfolded over a distance of 6.5 thousand km and…


Jordan: From Origins to the Dead Sea
The Jordan Valley begins south of the Lebanese Valley. Very often, the proper name of a river, mountain or hill in Hebrew can reveal to us many of the real…


Galilee - ancient and young
The diversity and contrasts of Israeli landscapes are especially evident in the famous Galilee. ... In the legendary waters of the Jordan River and the Sea of ​​Galilee - the…