Israel Attractions

Christian places Capernaum and Tabgha
One of the most important place for the Christian world in the Sea of ​​Galilee is the city of Capernaum. He is mentioned in the New Testament as the birthplace…

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Usually saying "Jerusalem" they imagine a city-museum in which almost every stone is a historical monument. However, not only that attracts tourists today. In the city - an incredible number…

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa
Kilometers of sandy beaches, the golden coast, on which the waves of the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea gently roll. Daily catch at the fishing port, open-air cafe on green glades…

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Israel Attractions

Tomb of the Virgin (Jehoshaphatova Valley)
Christian Shrine Tomb of the Virgin
Empress Elena (mother of Emperor Constantine the First) built a church in 326, which was able to survive unchanged until the XI century. It was of great importance, since it was erected directly above the tomb of the Virgin. After a while, on the site of the ruins left from the church, the temple of the daughter of Baldwin II Melisenda began to rise. There she was buried. The Sixth Ecumenical Council decided to open the tomb. As a result of the work done, funeral sheets and a belt were found.

The temple itself is located underground. From the entrance there is a wide staircase made of stone, which has 48 steps. The church is built in the shape of a cross. Inside the building is a small chapel and the tomb of the Virgin. Continue reading

What to see in Israel first

Israel is a sunny country, in which I want to return again and again. This place is shrouded in a pleasant and mysterious atmosphere. Tourists who come here for the first time should sign up for interesting excursions, thanks to which they can see the memorable sights of Israel. Not sure what to see in Israel? Especially for you, we have compiled a list of popular attractions of this country. Read about them and be sure to include these places in your travel program for Israel.

What to see in Israel first
Despite the small size of the country, there are more than enough interesting places, and guides in Israel will help you navigate them. Their help will be invaluable both at the stage of route planning and in solving organizational nuances. Travelers without a guide should know in advance whether it will be possible to see the attractions that they liked according to the descriptions on the arrival dates. Continue reading

Excursion from Sharm El Sheikh to Israel

Group bus excursion from Sharm El Sheikh to Israel, Palestine and the Dead Sea. Details of the tour, useful tips, crossing the Egypt-Israel border, security measures at the Dead Sea.

Tours in Sharm El Sheikh are very popular due to the Red Sea and the opportunity to relax on an all-inclusive basis. But for us personally, the choice fell in the direction of Sharm because of the opportunity to make an excursion to Israel.

A huge number of travel agencies offer excursions from Sharm to Israel: from tour operators (teztur, aneks, Pegasus, etc.) to local ones on the beach. Prices are different for everyone (from $ 60 and above). It all depends on how you know how to bargain. The excursion program, as a rule, is the same for everyone. Can be taken for 1 or 2 days. Days of excursions to Israel: Monday, Thursday, Saturday. Continue reading

Holidays in Israel in the winter

The time when it is better to go on vacation to Israel definitely falls in autumn and early spring. Moreover, both of these periods are ideal for any type of holiday in the country. Spring with its still relatively mild temperatures and colorful blooms is the time when it is better to go to Israel for excursions. Jerusalem with its temples and Gethsemane gardens, Bahai gardens, the Nabeul desert – all this is better to see in the spring. But the summer heat is a period when it is not worth going to Israel, even for the sake of a beach holiday. It is so hot here that even the seas are not refreshing. But the off-season is just the time when it’s worth flying to Israel, among other things, for swimming in the Red and Mediterranean Seas. In the Red Sea, you can swim in general all year long, so here you can splash in plenty even in winter. Continue reading

Saturday transport appeared in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, six free bus routes have been launched that operate on Shabbat – Jewish Saturday, when regular city transport does not go. The demand in the first weeks of operation turned out to be so great that the frequency of movement was immediately increased, according to the correspondent.

The project is funded by the municipalities of Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Kiryat Ono and Ramat Hasharon. Six routes were laid by winding routes in these areas, each of which passes through the center of Tel Aviv. In total, 526 stops are served. The organizers of the scheme said they tried to get routes to beaches and entertainment venues, which are in great demand on Shabbat. In addition, routes avoid areas with a significant share of religious residents who do not approve of Saturday transportation. Continue reading

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